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10 Great Gift Ideas For People Using American Sign Language

Are you looking for a nice gift for a person in your life who uses American sign language? Let me help you! I found some great practical and thoughtful gift ideas they definitely like.

There are many great ASL gift ideas, from practical presents, such as sign language books, flashcards, and wrist braces to cute ASL-themed gifts, such as jewelry, T-shirts, and wall art. Such things make perfect gifts for everyone who is learning, using, or just passionate about sign language.

I’ve gathered a list of fantastic gift ideas to help you choose the best present for any sign language communicator in your life, be it deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals, as well as interpreters and educators.

Informative Sign Language Books To Improve Communication Skills

Pile of assorted books

American Sign Language is a complete, natural language with its own unique vocabulary, grammar, and syntax rules.

Like all other languages, ASL isn't fixed, so it evolves and changes over time.

And what do we all do when we want to learn a new word, rule, or definition? – We usually refer to dictionaries, encyclopedias, or other themed materials. So why not give your dear one a useful book that will help them communicate better using ASL.

There are many informative books for people using ASL, from comprehensive dictionaries and guides to helpful books with the most common phrases and even slang words.

Whether your dear one just starts learning an ASL or wants to expand their vocabulary, good sign language books will definitely come in handy and help them communicate more clearly and effectively.

Flashcards Of Sign Language To Master New Vocabulary

ASL flashcards

Did you know that flashcards are one of the most powerful learning techniques?

Such double-sided cards engage an active recall, making recognition and memorization of new information simpler and more effective.

Flashcards of sign language make an excellent gift not only for those who are learning ASL but also for those who are teaching it to others. So if you are looking for a practical present, such educational flashcards are a perfect choice.

The beautifully illustrated cards that show the hand and arm motions for signs, along with their brief description, are a great resource for learning new vocabulary.

Flashcards with the sign language alphabet, numbers, most common words, and phrases undoubtedly will be helpful for everyone who is going to use an ASL for communication.

Books On Body Language For Better Understanding Of Gestures And Expressions

Communication isn’t only spoken, written, and signed words. Body language and facial expressions can say much more about our attitudes and thoughts when we communicate with others. That's why people using ASL often rely on body movement and facial expression to understand or convey feeling, interest, or focus.

Like any other language, body language can be learned. So give your dear one a useful book that will help to learn how to recognize and interpret body language cues and reveal emotions of facial expressions.

There are many excellent books on this topic, from comprehensive guides that teach how to read body language and apply it in daily life to reference dictionaries that explain what each gesture or facial expression means.

Body language skills are especially important for ASL interpreters because they need to identify those unspoken signals to better convey the tone of the conversation. But books on body language undoubtedly will come in handy for anyone who uses ASL.

Wrist Support Brace To Reduce Pain And Prevent Injuries

Did you know that sign language communicators are more likely to face wrist or hand disorders than the general population?

The study published in the American Annals of the Deaf showed that 59% of people who are using sign language, including interpreters, deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals, and educators reported experiencing hand/wrist problems.

So give your recipient a wrist brace - a useful gift that will help deal with such a health issue. A wrist brace will provide comfortable support for the wrist during rest or sleep, efficiently reduce pain and help injuries recover faster.

A wrist brace makes a thoughtful present that shows your sincere care. I'm sure your loved one will be grateful for such a handy thing that will provide their tired wrist maximum support and comfort.

Learn The Basics Of ASL To Say Some Important Phrases To Your Dear One

Love in ASL

A gift does not always mean some material thing.

Moreover, the best gifts often are those that won't cost you anything but will have high significant value for your recipient.

If you want to surprise your dear one with such a gift, it's time to learn some meaningful phrases on sign language.

Is your loved one an ASL teacher or interpreter? Or maybe you have a friend who is deaf or hard of hearing? So why not learn the basics of sign language to communicate with them without any spoken word?

Learn common expressions and phrases to show your appreciation, support, and, of course, love. Use sign language to express your sincere feelings to your loved ones, and it will undoubtedly be incredibly inspiring and important for them.

There are various ways to learn American Sign Language, from watching online lessons and video tutorials to taking classes and even joining a sign language group or deaf club.

You also can ask your dear one to teach you some signs and phrases, which will be beneficial for both of you. Besides,  it's an excellent opportunity to spend more quality time together.

ASL-Themed Jewelry To Remind About Your Feelings

ASL-themed bracelet

Are you looking for a small, cute gift that will emphasize how much your recipient means to you?

How about ASL-themed jewelry? Such jewelry engraved with meaningful signs or phrases makes a beautiful present for your dear one.

There are many options for such a gift, from elegant necklaces with a sign "I love you" to cute bracelets stamped out with a friendship sign. Thanks to the wide variety, you'll definitely find something nice for a special person in your life.

Moreover, you can make your present truly unique by adding a personal touch to it. I'm sure your loved one will be pleasantly surprised to receive a charming piece of jewelry engraved with their initials in sign language.

Personalized Notebook To Write Down Thoughts And Goals

White notebook with pen

Did you know that writing out notes on paper is more effective than taking them on a laptop?

A recent study found that processing and remembering information is easier when it's writing down.

So why not give your dear one a good notebook that will help them stay on track.

Whether your recipient needs a handy planner to organize goals and to-do lists, a cute journal to write down thoughts and dreams, or just a regular notepad to make some study notes, you'll definitely find a notebook that fits their needs.

To surprise your loved one with a truly thoughtful gift, just personalize it. A stylish notebook with your recipient's name in sign language or with some meaningful signs undoubtedly makes a charming present.

American Sign Language Scrabble For Fun Learning

ASL scrabble

What if I tell you that you can surprise your dear one with a useful but at the same time entertaining gift?

Are you wondering what it is? Well, it's a good old Scrabble but adapted for players using sign language.

Sounds fascinating, isn't it?

Scrabble with ASL tiles provides an excellent opportunity to learn and teach sign language in an absolutely exciting way, so your dear one can master ASL by having fun. Moreover, this amazing game can encourage family and friends to learn ASL.

Keep in mind that often, scrabble with ASl tiles comes without a gaming board, so you'll need to create one or order it separately. In any case, such a board game is undoubtedly a great gift idea for someone passionate about sign language and Scrabble!

T-shirt With ASL Print To Upgrade Personal Style

ASL-themed t-shirt

There are many great ASL-themed gift ideas, but a comfy T-shirt with bright print in sign language is hard to beat.

Such a T-shirt makes a perfect little gift for those studying or using ASL.

It looks like it's time to upgrade your recipient's wardrobe with a stylish shirt.

ASL-themed T-shirts come in different designs and prints so that you can choose for your dear one a shirt with some meaningful signs, as well as with fun phrases. You can even order a personalized T-shirt that makes a unique gift for any occasion.

I’m sure a comfortable T-shirt with a cute ASL print will definitely become your dear one's favorite apparel.

Eye-Catching Wall Art To Add A Bright Touch To Interior

Love sign in a frame

If you are tired of wracking your brain searching for a great gift for your dear one, take a deep breath and look at wall art.

Well, don't literally look, but consider it as a gift idea. I'm sure your dear one will like it because wall art always makes a splendid present.

You even can surprise your special person with cute ASL-themed art. Whether it's a stylish poster with a sign language alphabet or a beautiful canvas with a "love" sign, such wall art will be a perfect addition to your loved one's space.

But you don't necessarily need to limit yourself with ASL-themed wall art. Just because your recipient uses ASL, it doesn't mean that you should be buying something with sign language. Give your loved one your joint framed photo or unique personalized painting, and they will be pleased with such a thoughtful gesture.

What a good gift guide, right? I hope, thanks to this blog post, you've found a perfect gift for your dear one.

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