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What Is The Appropriate Way To Ask For Housewarming Gifts?
Simple Tips and Great Phrases!

You moved in, unpacked all the boxes, and finally ready to show off your new home to friends and family, but puzzled over how to politely ask for housewarming gifts? Luckily, you're in the right place. In this blog post, I'll reveal the secret of appropriately asking for gifts at a housewarming party.

The most appropriate and polite way to ask for housewarming gifts is to include a personal note along with adding gift ideas on the invitation card or sharing a gift registry with guests.

Want to know more about the appropriate ways to ask for housewarming gifts? Continue reading, and you'll find the answer.

Is It Okay To Ask For Housewarming Gifts?

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Probably everyone who threw a housewarming party knows how awkward the situation can be when you receive two identical gifts or something that doesn't match your interior or just not a pretty useful thing.

At first glance, a kind of gift registry can help both the host and guests avoid such awkwardnesses. But is it okay to ask for housewarming gifts at all?

On the one hand, asking for gifts may seem a bit rude, if not offensive, but on the other hand, wish lists and gift registries were invented to make a gift-giving experience easier, weren't they?

Some experts on the web say that you have to never ask for housewarming gifts, and you can only answer what your gift preferences are if somebody asks you. But, as for me, such restrictions are a bit old-fashioned and superstitious. The world is changing, as well as some etiquette rules.

We expect everything in all areas of our life to be quick and convenient, and gift exchanges isn't an exception. Besides, recent research has shown that gift recipients appreciate the gifts they explicitly asked for more than those they didn't.

So I'm convinced that if a housewarming gifts request is arranged correctly, your guests won’t feel uncomfortable, and you’ll receive presents that will help you turn your new home into a truly "home, sweet home."

Include Some Gift Ideas On The Invitation Card

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If you prefer the good old way to send invitation cards by mail, you can insert a small note at the bottom about possible gift options on your housewarming occasion.

Including gift ideas on an invitation card is a reasonably suitable way to ask for gifts, so when someone says it's in an impolite manner, please, don't fall for it.

It's all about the proper design of an invitation card to your housewarming party.

If you make a list with gift ideas a centerpiece of your invitation, it definitely will look quite offensive for your guests.

After all, the invitation card's main aim is to invite the person to celebrate your important life event, and not say what gifts they need to bring. In fact, housewarming gifts are not obligatory but always welcome.

Well, how to include gift ideas on the invitation so that it will look appropriate? Here are few ideas.

Cute housewarming invitation card

  • List a few gift ideas at the bottom of the invitation and write a polite message.

    "If you would like to bring a gift and need some ideas, here are some things that would help make our new home more cozy and comfy. We are grateful for your time and support!


    Lovely housewarming invitation card
  • Add gift icons on the invitation card and write the friendly text at the bottom.

    "A small hint! If you take a closer look at the small icons, you will find out what little things would add brightness and cheerfulness to our home. We appreciate your support and care!


Stylish-housewarming invitation card


  • Include an RSVP request, add your phone number, and a short message.

    “We await your presence! Gifts would be appreciated, so if you need some gift ideas, please feel free to call me.”

These ideas are quite straightforward but not devoid of politeness, so no matter which one you choose, I'm sure everybody wins! But that's not all. I know a few more great ways how to ask for housewarming gifts, so keep reading.

Share Your Gift Registry Or Wish List With Your Guests

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Gift wish lists and registries make the process of choosing gifts easier and even enjoyable.

Indeed, they are a reasonably convenient way, without the unnecessary stress and pressure, to choose precisely that gift the person wants and needs.

Initially, gift registers were used exclusively for weddings, but now people often use them for other occasions, and housewarming isn't an exception. Although housewarming gift registries and wish lists are a relatively new concept, it quickly gains popularity, especially among busy, always-on-the-go millennials.

Besides, more and more people have become more responsible consumers in recent years and are trying to follow a more sustainable lifestyle.

You may wonder what's that got to do with gift registries? Well, thanks to gift wish lists and registries, guests know what exactly we need and what we will use, and it helps avoid an accumulation of unnecessary things in our homes and lives.

Moreover, gift registries also save time and money by preventing guests from double buying, so we no longer have to worry about gift receipts and returns.

Still don't have a wish list for your housewarming party? It's time to create one!

Once you create the gift registry, you need to share it with your guests. How to do it appropriately? Here are a few tips from me.

  • Send your guests an invitation by email and include the gift registry link at the bottom of your letter.

    Do you prefer using email instead of sending traditional invitation cards? Luckily, in such a case, sharing your gift registry with guests shouldn't be a problem for you.

    However, it's important to remember that here, as in the case of invitation cards, your asking for gifts must sound as polite as possible. So don’t forget to express your gratitude, and only after that provide a link to your registry.

    To make your gift request not sound offensive to your guests, don’t forget to add a friendly message before the link.

    "If you would like to bring us a small gift, you can use our housewarming gift registry. We will be grateful for any little thing that will help to make our new home more cheerful and beautiful."

  • Create a private event on Facebook and add a link to your registry in the description.

    Creating a private event is a time-saving and incredibly convenient way to invite all your friends and family to your housewarming party. But make sure that everyone you plan to invite to your party has a Facebook profile.

    Besides, such a private event is one of the easiest ways to follow who accepted your invitation, who is going to this event, and who is not, so your guests don't have to call you just to say if they plan to attend the party.

    But probably one of the most significant advantages of this option is that attaching your gift register won't look inappropriate because we are all used to sharing our preferences through social media.

    So when you are writing a description for your housewarming party, you can include a link to your registry with a thoughtful message above.

    “We will be happy if you join us on this special day to share our joy of a move to a new home. And if you would like to help us add a bit of coziness and brightness to our place, you can find some ideas in our gift registry.”

  • Add on your invitation card a QR code that references your online wish list or gift registry.

    Even if you prefer to invite guests more traditionally by sending cards, you still can include a link to your gift registry.

    No worry, your guests won't need to manually enter each character from the link on the invitation card. All you need is to generate a QR code for your registry or wish list and add it to your card.

    Just in a few clicks, your friends and family will receive access to your gift registry and will be able to pick up the perfect gift for your new home. But, please, don't forget to include a tactful message near the code to sound polite and respectful.

    "Kindly join us to celebrate our new home, sweet home. And if you would like to help us make our family nest a bit comfier, you can scan a code and find some ideas there. We appreciate your care and help!"

I am almost 100% sure that your guest will be happy to get some ideas on what gift to bring you, especially if your gift request is made in one of such polite and appropriate ways.

General Rules How To Ask For Housewarming Gifts Politely

The topic of requesting specific gifts is a bit sensitive because some people may find it offensive and rude. But if you follow a few simple rules, your guests won't feel pressured or offended.

Are you wondering what these rules are? Below you'll find Top 3 basic principles that will help you avoid unnecessary awkwardness and stress.

Housewarming wish list

Include to your wish list items at the different price ranges.

When creating your wish list or gift registry, it's important to include gifts at different price ranges.

Doing so will allow your guests to find a gift that fits their budget, so they won't feel uncomfortable because they can't afford something from your list.

And although there is no hard rule on "how expensive is too expensive,"  but because housewarming gift registries are still not so commonly used, I advise not to ask for anything over-the-top.

Small house and keys

Throw a housewarming party with a gift request only for a long-term move.

Traditionally, a housewarming party is thrown to celebrate the purchase of a new property.

And in this case, it's absolutely normal to ask for gifts because it's apparent that you'll need some new stuff to complete your new home. 

Nowadays, we tend to move to new places more often, so it's needless to say that you shouldn't arrange a housewarming party with a gifts request every time you change the apartment.

It doesn't mean that inviting your friends and family to a new place to celebrate your housewarming is inappropriate.

In fact, there is nothing wrong with it, the only difference - you shouldn't ask for any gifts or expect them at all. In such a case, it's better to throw a potluck party to gather all your loved ones together.

Thank You card

Express gratitude to your guests for their presence and presents.

Last but not least. Expressing sincere gratitude is an essential part of a relationship.

It's not just a polite gesture, but more importantly, it's a way to show how much a person means to you and how much you appreciate their support.

So be sure to thank your guests for being with you on such an important day. Send a lovely thank you note or make a friendly call - these are just a few ways to express your gratitude.

Well, how do you like our ideas? It seems that it has never been easier to ask for housewarming gifts, so I hope you've found the most appropriate way to do this.

And if you’re still unsure whether it’s appropriate to ask for housewarming gifts and worried that your guests may feel uncomfortable because of it, send them a link to this blog along with the invitation (I’m just joking).

But in all seriousness, no one knows your friends and family better than you, so if you are more than sure that the gift request can be really offensive for someone from your guests, it's better not to mention gift ideas on your invitation.

After all, your relationship with loved ones is definitely more important than a couple of new wine glasses.

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