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Bow Tie

cotton bowtie

A bow tie is a stylish accessory and an integral part of the well-dressed wardrobe. The bow tie is an individual thing, and you can wear it under an elegant tuxedo, fashionable jacket or cardigan. This neat accessory will be the perfect addition, even to your casual style.

There are different types of bow ties, and they can be made of different materials: silk, satin, velvet, cotton, wool, and recently gaining popularity and wooden bow ties. And thanks to the variety of colors and patterns, bow ties will always be a bright and stylish accessory for any occasion.

A bow tie will not only emphasize the individuality and style of its owner but also will attract the attention of others. This neck accessory will be an excellent gift for anyone ready to add a little romance, aristocracy, extravagance, and even playfulness to their look