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Picnic Basket

Wicker picnic basket with cutlery and blankets


A convenient picnic basket is a perfect gift for those who like to spend time outdoors with family or friends. There are a lot of picnic sets - from small baskets, which include tableware only for two persons to a larger - for four and more persons—also gaining popularity is a comfortable picnic backpack.


The contents of the basket or backpack depending on the size and exclusivity, so you can choose which tableware will be inside. It can be a standard set with plates, cutlery, and glasses (cups) or basket’s/backpack content can be extended with items like salt and pepper shakers, corkscrews, thermos, a cutting board, napkins or even a picnic blanket. 


Take a picnic set with you to the beach or park, or just have a garden party in your backyard - it is perfect for anywhere you’d like. Picnic baskets or backpacks are an excellent gift that makes outdoor activities more comfortable and convenient, so your loved ones can just relax and enjoy free time in nature.