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14 Incredible 5 Senses Gift Ideas For Smell That Will Definitely Please His Olfactory Receptors

You'll probably agree that finding the perfect gift for the sense of smell for him is like a mission impossible. But, please, don't despair, I have some excellent ideas for you. All you need is to check this gift guide, and you are guaranteed to find something special for your boyfriend, husband, or significant one.

Gifts for the sense of smell are simultaneously helpful and thoughtful and come in great variety. A comfy aromatherapy pillow, calming incense sticks, nicely-scented beard oil, compact smoker tube - are just a few ideas that make an excellent present for any man. 

Believe it or not, but the sense of smell helps people enjoy life. Delightful fragrances, like a tasty aroma of favorite foods or seductive scents of perfumes, stimulate olfactory receptors and bring satisfaction, so it's not surprising that we pay special attention to presents for the feeling of smell.

A recent study found that men have lower olfactory abilities, so maybe that's a reason why it's so challenging for women to find a perfect gift for the sense of smell for their men.

I spent a lot of time researching and analyzing to figure out what gifts for the sense of smell men will like to receive and gathered the best ideas in my blog.

Below you will find fantastic gift options for any taste and budget: some are romantic, while others - practical. Whether you will choose, I am almost 100% sure that your loved one will be pleasantly amazed.

Aromatherapy Pillow For Restful Sleep


Did you know that smell affects sleep?

According to the National Sleep Foundation Bedroom Pool, more than 70% of respondents said they get a more comfortable night’s sleep on sheets with a fresh scent.

Well, another great thing that can help sleep better is a scented pillow infused with essential oils that promote a good night’s sleep, like lavender, chamomile, lemon, or jasmine.

So how about surprising your loved man with such a thoughtful gift?

An aromatherapy pillow promotes relaxation and helps relieve restlessness, so if your guy has some problems falling asleep, a scented pillow is a perfect gift idea. Thanks to such a pillow, your dear man can have a restful sleep and enjoy his sweet-scented dreams.

Fragrant Coffee For A Happy Awakening

cup of hot coffee

Do you remember that lovely TV ad on one of the famous coffee brands about the power of coffee aroma? They probably knew something.

A recent study found that just breathing in the smell of coffee improved alertness, attention, and memory.

So why not please your loved man's olfactory system with fragrant coffee?

The aroma of freshly roasted and brewed coffee is hard to beat, so it's not surprising that coffee is one of the most popular pick-me-ups. Indeed, nothing but a cup of fragrant coffee can make any morning a bit better and brighter.

Fill your dear man's mornings with a warm, rich, heady scent of coffee, and he undoubtedly will be grateful to you.

Air Purifier To Improve Air Quality At Home

air purifier

You would be surprised how indoor air quality can be worse than outdoors - the concentrations of certain pollutants at our homes, offices, and other spaces are often 2 to 5 times higher!

How about giving your dear man a bit of clean air?

A portable air purifier is a useful device that will help him improve air quality and well-being.

An air purifier filters and safely sanitizes the indoor air from different pollutants, like odors, smoke, dust, pollen, and pet dander, making his home environment more breathable and healthier. A home air purifier will allow your significant one to breathe clean, fresh air and live happier.

Deodorizer Balls To Keep His Sneakers Smelling Fresh

Just imagine your loved man gets home after the gym, kicks off his shoes, and notices this unpleasant smell. Yep, it's his smelly sneakers.

There is one excellent thing that can help your man get rid of this foul odor easily, so he will never feel embarrassed again because of his stinky shoes. And that's deodorizer balls. Indeed, these balls effectively neutralize odors and help keep shoes and feet fresh.

Easy-to-use and mess-free deodorizer balls are a great tool to eliminate unwanted odors of footwear. Besides, your loved man can also use these compact balls with a clean, pleasant scent to deodorize his backpack, gym bag, and even locker.

So if you are looking for a good practical gift that definitely will come in handy for your guy, deodorizer balls are the right choice.

Smoker Tube To Add A Tasteful Flavor To The Food


You'll probably agree that the aroma of smoked meat is incredibly mouthwatering. Indeed, nothing but smoking can add a uniquely distinct scent to every dish.

Why not please your loved guy with a pellet smoker tube that will enrich your dishes with an exquisite flavor? 

A compact and easy-to-use smoker tube is a great and affordable alternative to regular smokers. This excellent grilling accessory is perfect for hot and cold smoking and can enhance any grilled food, whether it's meat, fish, cheese, or veggies.

A smoker tube will transform your loved man's grill into a real smoker and add a delicious smoky flavor of wood chips and pellets to his all grilled masterpieces.

Massage Candle To Excite His Senses

massage candle

Typically all guides with gift ideas for the sense of smell include scented candles, and it's a quite good present for your guy, but you can give a better one.

Massage candles look like ordinary scented candles but melt into a sweet-smelling oil that you can use for sensual massage during foreplay. Sounds so cool and so hot, isn't it?

An aroma massage candle is a fantastic gift for your loved man's senses. Such a candle not only can fill your bedroom with a seductive aroma but give an incredibly pleasurable and satisfying sensual experience.

After all, a massage candle is a perfect opportunity to add new fire to your love life. You can be sure you will both benefit from such a gift. 

Aroma Bath Salt For Relaxing Soak

bath salt

Most men prefer showers - it's true, but sometimes even the most earnest men like to soak in a warm bath with their little yellow duck.

How about making your loved man's next bathing more pleasant and even rejuvenating? A nicely-scented bath salt will undoubtedly delight his skin and, of course, sense of smell.

Pamper your favorite man with an excellent bath salt that will help ease tired muscles, relieve stress, and enhance overall well-being. Soaking in a warm tub with a delicious scent of bath salt promotes relaxation and restful sleep.

By the way, an aroma bath salt makes skin feel soft and smooth, so most likely, next time, you will want to take a bath with your loved one to enjoy such a luxurious experience.

Salt Cave Visit To Improve Well-Being

salt cave

What could be better than sitting on the beach and breathing in the moist, salty sea air?

Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to enjoy a light sea breeze every day.

But there is a quite good alternative - salt caves with their refined salty air. So take your loved man to a salt cave and surprise him with this zen-like experience. He will definitely like it!

A visit to a salt cave, it's, first of all, a perfect way to relax and calm the body and mind, although some people are convinced that such a spa-like procedure may ease some respiratory conditions and reduce inflammation. 

Anyway, I'm almost 100% sure your guy will enjoy sitting in a comfy chair, listening to ocean waves' soothing sounds, and deeply breathing in the salty air.

Beard Oil For The Exceptional Care Of His Luxuriant Beard

beard oil and brush

Beard makes men more attractive. At least that's what men think.

For women, their loved man's prickly beard often feels like steel wool pads.

If you know what I mean, I have a perfect gift idea for your special man - beard oil.

Good beard oil will help your guy keep his precious beard neat, clean, and healthy, so without a doubt, nicely-scented beard oil will become an indispensable grooming product in his daily routine.

Beard oil moisturizes the facial hair and the skin and provides an alluring aroma that will emphasize your loved man's style.

After all, nothing but beard oil can make your loved one's beard softer, sensual, and absolutely fragrant that you will want to kiss him immediately.

Incense Sticks For Peaceful Meditation

incense stick

Did you know that aromatherapy can make any meditation practice more beneficial?

Burning incense sticks during meditation helps create a more relaxing atmosphere, calm the body and mind, and focus on the present moment.

If your loved man is enjoying meditation, it's the right time to add a bit of calming fragrance to his practice. Incense sticks make a perfect gift for your guy's sense of smell.

Burning incense sticks promotes relaxation and peace, and as one of the studies found, it may help alleviate anxiety and depression. Indeed, nothing but the fragrant smoke of incense sticks can envelop the room with a soothing, delicate, spiritual aroma.

Natural Soap To Keep His Hands Clean


Have you ever wondered why natural soap always smells better and retains its aroma longer than all popular commercials soaps?

The answer is quite simple - such a soap doesn’t contain artificial fragrances and gets its pleasant scent from essential oils.

Soap from natural ingredients is an eco-friendly alternative to regular soap and a truly beneficial product for our health. It sounds like an excellent gift idea for your favorite man, isn’t it?

Thanks to the wide variety of essential oils soaps, you can easily find the scent that your guy undoubtedly will love. And more importantly, natural soap will perfectly moisturize his skin and make it soft and smooth.

Aromatherapy Mist For Sweet Dreams

aromatherapy soap

A soothing aromatherapy mist is a great way to make your loved man's sleep more peaceful and better.

Indeed, essential oils mists will help your guy fall asleep faster, have a good quality sleep at night, and feel well-rested the next day.

Scientific studies found that a calming effect of lavender, jasmine, and chamomile essential oils helps create a relaxing atmosphere and improve sleep quality and efficiency.

So surprise your dear man with a pleasant bedtime fragrance that will encourage him to relax and unwind.

A nice aromatherapy mist will fill his bedroom with a gentle scent that calms the mind and body, and it surely will please your loved man's sense of smell. 

Nice Fragrance To Emphasize His Style


Nothing but the rich scent of men's perfume can attract attention and awaken senses, so it's not surprising that a fragrance is one of the most popular gift ideas for the sense of smell.

Do you want to surprise your favorite man with the best scent?

From classic eau de toilette and refreshing colognes to seductive perfumes - there are many fantastic options to find the right aroma for your loved man. 

Undoubtedly, a pleasant fragrance will perfectly emphasize your loved guy's individuality, help him stand out from the crowd, and make a good impression, so he will always be on top.

Good Shaving Cream For A Pleasant Grooming Routine

shaving cream

How often do you think men make beard trimming or shave?

I was surprised that almost 50% of men do it every day or every second day!

This statistic convinced me that shaving cream is a gift with which you can never go wrong.

Although shaving cream is an absolutely unromantic gift idea, but I'm almost 100% sure your loved man will be grateful for such a useful present. After all, shaving cream provides hydration and lubrication - two necessary things for a good shave. 

Choose a good, great-smelling cream that will make your loved man's shaving experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Thanks to high-quality shaving cream, your guy will forget about razor burn and irritation, and his skin always will be super-soft and refreshed.

I hope, thanks to our gift guide, you have found a perfect gift to please your loved man's sense of smell. And if you need a little bit of inspiration to come up with ideas for excellent gifts for other senses, explore our blog posts with gifts for touch, sound, and sight.

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